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About Us

We all love our pets, right? For most people, our pets are a beloved part of our family. But, the grim reality is that animals face abuse and exploitation every day. One of the most significant forms of abuse and exploitation pets face are in puppy mills. Puppy mills are a commercial dog breeding facilities that cares little for the physical and emotional health of its breeding dogs.

On March 24th, of this year, an illegal animal breeding operation was discovered in a Dothan neighborhood. The animals the Dothan Police Department found were not properly fed and hydrated. They were covered in their own feces and urine, and many had not been let out of their crates in a very long time. In total, sixty-five dogs and sixteen birds were seized and transported for medical treatment.

Members of our Wiregrass Community were appalled. People wanted to get involved and be of help in any way possible. This public outrage and outpouring of help has become an impetus for change and reform of Alabama’s animal cruelty laws.

That’s why the Alabama Animal Rights Support Group was created—to give an opportunity for people to join the discussion and to organize likeminded individuals in an effort to create and propose legislation that will toughen Alabama laws and further protect animals against cruelty in Alabama.